Watch this video and more on SLAVMAN VIDEO

Watch this video and more on SLAVMAN VIDEO

Petio Kostadinov | Kato ot Staro Vreme

Bulgarian Music – 4m 2s

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  • Dusha

    A contemporary Bulgarian song about life struggles and hope. Music by Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN; Lyrics by Slavi Slavov; Singers: Zhivka Papancheva and Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN.
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    Български / Bulgarian
    Съвременна българска песен. Музика Миле...

  • Zhivka Papancheva | Mila si mi Yano

    "Mila si mi Yano" (You Are Dear to me Yana) – Zhivka Papancheva, singer | Music and producer Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN
    "Mila si mi Yano" is an original song in Bulgarian Strandzha style. The song unveils a personal drama - a story about a family where the man is a drunk and troublemaker. The situatio...