Music Fusion

Music Fusion

The original SLAVMAN music videos fuse Bulgarian and Balkan music motifs with western classical music and jazz idioms. Original World Music Fusion is a music genre - coined by SLAVMAN - that integrates traditional, classical, and contemporary idioms compiled in original compositions, reflecting common human emotions and characters.

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Music Fusion
  • Walk in Seven

    Walk in Seven
    Composition by Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN
    Original World Music Fusion influenced by a Bulgarian/Balkan heritage interwoven with a Western life experience. A virtual music video - collaboration between Ludmil Krumov, guitar and Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN, accordion.
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  • Quick Tour

    "Quick Tour" - original world music fusion composition by Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN, accordion | Cameron Edens, contrabass

    Parts: “Jazzing”, “Waltzing”, “Polkaing”, “Traditional and Classical”, “9/16 Ethnic Motif in Balkan Style”, “Gypsy Theme in G Minor”, “Improvisation in G Major”, “ Bulgarian W...

  • A Man’s Life

    "A Man’s Life" – dramatic music fusion by Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN.

  • We Are All Alone

    "We Are All Alone" by Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN. This music video is a dramatic expression intertwining classical piano, orchestral arrangement, and Bulgarian/Balkan musical ornaments and vocals.

  • Girl and the Sun

    "Girl and the Sun" is an original world music fusion song written by Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN. Singer: Zhivka Papancheva.
    This is a slow song with no meter - melody and vocals in traditional Bulgarian style intertwined with a western musical arrangement.
    In the story, a mother brags about how beau...

  • Fusion Nocturne

    An original world music fusion composition for accordion and piano.