People and Stories

People and Stories

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"People and Stories" - people sharing their experiences and point of views. Videos about personal and professional development, philosophy, artistry, and culture.

Български / Bulgarian
"Хора и разкази" - хора споделят техния опит и възгледи за лично и професионално изграждане, философия, артистичност, и култура.

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People and Stories
  • Words and Music

    Andy Cartmill, a professional public speaker talks about health & wellness, presentational approach, and individuality. In this interview Andy accepts the challenge to participate in a spontaneous on-screen experiment exploring the interconnected universal communication of words and music.

  • The Importance of Cultural Enrichment

    Български / Bulgarian
    Даниела Иванова-Найберг | Важността от Културно Обогатяване
    Д-р Даниела Иванова-Найберг е етнохореолог, възпитаник на СУ „Св. Климент Охридски“, където завършва българска филология със специализация по фолклористика и философия с втора специалност културология. Хореографск...

  • In Front of the Camera

    Български / Bulgarian
    Богдан Дарев | Пред камерата

    English / Английски
    Bogdan Darev is a producer/director who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. A Bulgarian emigrant of 22 years, he is still very connected to his heritage. Bogdan cherishes expressing himself in cinema. He has embraced worki...

  • About the Creative Process

    Български / Bulgarian
    Мария Апостолова | За процесът на творене

    English / Английски
    Mariya Apostolova | About the Creative Process
    Mariya is a freelance artist who specializes in film production, props and costume design, traditional arts and crafts, ceramics, physical theater and performan...

  • Balance

    Brittany Walsh is a professional acrobat-entertainer and a world record holder for acrobatic archery; interviewed by Stilyan in Portland, Oregon, USA. Stilyan asks Brittany about insights in her field of expertise, details about training and demonstration of routines/tricks. Brittany guides Stily...

  • Love

    About love.

  • Gledamon

    A story about a musical journey from Bulgaria to America.

  • The Language of Music

    The Language of Music - Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN shares his views about musical philosophy, expressions, and a perspective on the universal impact of music.

  • Bulgarian Folk Music in the 21st Century

    Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN speaks about BG musical culture – tradition, preservation, innovation.