People and Stories Video Collection

People and Stories Video Collection

"People and Stories" series - people sharing their experiences and point of views. Videos - SLAVMAN originals - about personal and professional development, philosophy, artistry, and culture. Enjoy the journeys.
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People and Stories Video Collection

9 Videos

  • The Power and Impact of Music

    Gary Nyberg, PhD, musician-conductor-educator, shares insights about the power and impact of music.

  • Words and Music

    Andy Cartmill, a professional public speaker talks about health & wellness, presentational approach, and individuality. In this interview Andy accepts the challenge to participate in a spontaneous on-screen experiment exploring the interconnected universal communication of words and music.

  • Love

    About love.

  • Balance

    Brittany Walsh is a professional acrobat-entertainer and a world record holder for acrobatic archery; interviewed by Stilyan in Portland, Oregon, USA. Stilyan asks Brittany about insights in her field of expertise, details about training and demonstration of routines/tricks. Brittany guides Stily...

  • In Front of the Camera

    Bogdan Darev is a producer/director who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. A Bulgarian emigrant of 22 years, he is still very connected to his heritage. Bogdan cherishes expressing himself in cinema. He has embraced working across a variety of platforms including music videos, documentaries, narr...

  • About the Creative Process

    Mariya Apostolova | About the Creative Process
    Mariya is a freelance artist who specializes in film production, props and costume design, traditional arts and crafts, ceramics, physical theater and performance arts. Mariya works closely with the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center in Seattle,...

  • The Importance of Cultural Enrichment

    Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg | The Importance of Cultural Enrichment
    Dr. Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg is an ethnochoreologist. She holds MA degrees in Bulgarian Philology and Philosophy with Culturologia (Minor) from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She also holds BA in choreography from the Institu...

  • The Language of Music

    The Language of Music - Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN shares his views about musical philosophy, expressions, and a perspective on the universal impact of music.

  • Gledamon

    A story about a musical journey from Bulgaria to America.